Meet The Overcomers

Edward Byrd


  Edward Byrd is from Washington, D.C. Being born to young black parents, mother 15 and father 18, he faced many challenges. Due to adolescence and the relationship between his mother and father becoming abusive she choose to leave. He was 4 years old at the time, but there were definitely scars from the things he witnessed and a hole left in his heart. An emptiness that later manifested into the feeling of abandonment. The absence of his father left him open, struggling to find himself… his IDENTITY. He found myself searching for love in all the wrong places and devaluing his very existence. He begin to battle with fear, depression, low self- esteem, and recklessness. He tried everything to fill the empty void even giving himself over to homosexuality and other unhealthy choices. Despite these choices, inside he knew there had to be more. That’s when Jesus came and showed him who he was and in Him he found Love, Life, and Freedom. He turned his pain and longing into love and purpose. Now that same gift through song he shares with the world.

Ronald McCray


Ronald was filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday, Oct. 18th, 2009. That day marked a turning point in his life which lead him out of the homosexual lifestyle of six years and freed him from the bondage of sin. He has walked in his deliverance from “the life” going on eight years now. Ronald commits his life to serving Jesus Christ and endeavors to let the light of the glorious Gospel shine through him and in him each day that he lives. He is one of many witnesses that Jesus Christ still saves, heals and delivers. He is married to his wife, Fetima McCray, who is also saved and delivered from homosexuality. To God be the glory for the things He has done! 

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

Brooklyn Wojo


  From identifying as lesbian at the age of 12, to transgender at the age of 18 as a child I felt I was eternally struggling with my identity. I continuously kept going down a road of darkness until I didn’t even know who I was anymore lost in the devils grip. All this until God awoke me. From lost to found, I was a child of God. I went from “born this way” to born again! I will praise God for all that He allowed me to go through and see because it has made me into a warrior for Christ. I share the good news that you don’t have to live in bondage God will set you free!  

Kayla Brown


  Kayla is 22 and  lives in a small town in Kentucky. She battled the life of homosexuality for 10 years. Her identity was stolen at a very young age because she was living a life that was a lie! She lived the life of gender confusion and trying to be something she was not. Something that she knows this generation is experiencing, legalizing the sin of same sex marriage. She attended church, knew homosexuality was wrong, but desired intimacy. She says, “I wanted to fill the emptiness I was feeling, I could never be satisfied.” She started to drink, party, and use drugs. She thought she was living the life, but that also was a lie. From her mom dying, to depression, anxiety, and suicide thoughts; she was headed down the road that leads to destruction. That all came to a screeching halt, when the Lord met her on her grandma’s living room couch as she screamed to the Lord, “sorry for what I have done I regret everything.” Her life has changed for the better, she now lives as a heterosexual woman of God following the straight and narrow path. The Lord is renewing her appearance inside and out. The Lord has called her to be an end time warrior! He has chosen her for this generation and this time to help show people there true identity in Christ, and be set free from the chains and bondage!  

Fetima McCray


Since the age of 10, Fetima McCray had dealt with same sex attraction. What started in lucid dreams was manifested into reality as she pursued her first same sex relationship at 14 years old. That relationship spiraled into a life of bisexuality that would last well into her adult years. It wasn’t until she was invited to church by a family member that her life soon took a swift turn. At the age of 23, Fetima McCray was delivered from a life of bondage by being baptized in Jesus’ name and receiving the infilling of the Holy Ghost. From that day forward she has walked in victory and with power endeavoring every day to be more like Christ. She strives to share her testimony of healing and deliverance to every soul that will hear in hopes that they, too, may experience the love of God. She is married to Ronald J. McCray, her husband of two years who has also been delivered from homosexuality.

Jeffrey McCall


Jeffrey McCall lived in homosexuality and later those feelings led him into a transgender life. From age 17 to 29 he was involved in crystal meth, heavy alcohol use, psychedelic drugs, and prescription drugs. Jeffrey was an advocate for pushing transgender rights and even did local ABC interview news to push LGBTQ agenda. After years of searching for love in any man that would show him attention, he finally found Christ love. After surrendering to Jesus Christ he now uses his ministry, For Such A Time Ministry, to tell the truth of Jesus Christ love and saving grace. Jeffrey now walks in life with the peace and joy of Christ living as God made him, as Jeffrey!  

Meet the Overcomers

Joshua Buchanan


Joshua Buchanan is from Swansboro, NC who grew up in a great family as a young child. His earlier years he grew up being bullied by neighborhood kids as well as experiencing being called names like “Gay” and “Fag” that thwarted his identity of who he actually was. At the age of 10 his parents divorced which caused even a deeper scars coming from a broken home. Throughout his middle and high school years he smoked marijuana and considered himself to be confused about his sexual identity. After graduating he entered into community college in Jacksonville, NC where he dropped out after a year because of continual drugs and partying. It was at this point he was openly living a homosexual lifestyle and living rebellious against his parents. Shortly after this point Joshua was kicked out of his parents’ house due to the rebellious lifestyle he chose. This moment caused hurt and rejection inside of his heart which in turn caused him to go deeper into this homosexual lifestyle to find love in all the wrong places where he started living a promiscuous life which also led to an insatiable addiction to cocaine. In 2009 after hitting rock bottom finding out he became HIV Positive he knew his life needed to change. Joshua started going to church at this point and encountered God in a magnificent way during a revival that changed his life tremendously. Joshua accepted Christ into his life one night through an altar call where God shifted his identity and called him a new creation. Since this moment in Joshua’s life he has since graduated from Heritage Bible College with a degree in Worship & Music and is now pursuing his graduate degree at Regent University in Practical Theology. His heart is to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ of what He has done inside of his heart to all nations. There is true freedom in Christ. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36  

Darrion Skinner


  “Visionary of the Lion’s Remnant, Darrion just wanted to fit in; He made it his mission to be liked by everyone at any cost. Professing a same sex attraction, he did exactly that. Jesus wanted Darrion to stand out and speak up, while living according to His commands. Initially, Darrion didn’t know what to do, or what serving Jesus looked like, but little by little through passionate patience, mistakes and obedience, Darrion has allowed the Holy Spirit to teach him the unforced rhythms of grace. With the help of his wife he obeyed the Spirit of Christ and helped bring together the family that is now the Lion’s Remnant; which of whom make it their goal, to live lives saturated in the Spirit, and led by Him. Darrion’s fulfillment comes from doing the will of his Master, Jesus, and completing His work.”  

MJ Nixon


  MJ’s story of struggle, of hidden pain, and sin started at a very young age. Attractions she didn’t understand and a God she believed was far away. A story of perseverance and redemption from the grips of same gender attraction. A life of laying down the desires of her flesh and letting The Holy Spirit lead! Jesus laid it all down for her and now she lives to glorify His name in all she does! She currently lives in Canton, GA and is part of a deliverance ministry called Refuge Ranch Atlanta! God Uprooted her Heart from the weeds of deception and planted her new to flourish in His eternal garden of truth! She has written a book titled, The Journey Back Home a compilation of poems of her journey from death to life!  

Ieacha Lusk


  Ieacha is a former lesbian of 19 years, homeless for 12 years, and addicted to drugs since early childhood. Living with her mom was hard as a child because she was always sick due to sickle cell. When her mother would get mad at Ieacha she’d say hurt words like: slut, wish she had a boy, or how she thought they switched babies on her cause she was ugly. Trying to please her mom, she lost a sense of herself and started hanging around the wrong people trying to fit in and feel wanted. In the eighth grade, she hung with girls who gave themselves guy names. At age 16, she had her first sexual relationship with her best friend not knowing what was happening. Then she slowly started changing her identity from a girl to a boy. The world considered her a tomboy, butch, dike, and stud. Shortly after she thought she was born that way. She got released from prison in 2003. Her mom died in 2004 and Iecha felt like 90% of herself died with her. That’s when she became homeless for years. In 2015, God removed the desire of her wanting to be with women and replaced it with a deep yearning for Him. She says, “my whole way of thinking, feeling, the way I saw things, my identity changed, my heart changed, and a whole lot more changed!”  

Davon Johnson


Davon "Transparent" Johnson is a native and current resident of Miami, FL with upbringings in Atlanta, GA. A devout Christian, husband, minister, public speaker, mentor, poet, blogger, and aspiring author. He was raised by a single-parenting mother, having been sexually abused throughout much of his adolescence, and constantly misunderstood due to his conflicting gender roles and same-sex attractions, Davon fits the stereotype of many gay or bisexual teens. Living on the down low, Davon sought love, attention, and validation in all the wrong places; however, drinking, clubbing and casual sexual encounters with other men could not fulfill the empty void in his heart. Not willing to fully embrace this ‘alternative lifestyle’, Davon went on a quest to discover the truth about his sexual as well as his spiritual identity. After having a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus and being captured by the love of God, Davon has denounced his former lifestyle, has accepted the call to sonship, and has been sent back on an assignment to help lead hundreds of thousands of others out of the fruitless deeds of darkness and into the marvelous light of Christ. As the visionary and president of Transparent For Christ Movement, Davon aims to take a stand against sexual immorality, to bring a revival of purity and holiness before the Lord, and to witness freedom to those who struggle with sexual addiction, sexual gender and identity confusion, and sexual brokenness.  



  Born in Monroe, Louisiana, Montreea began singing at age 2 and playing music at age 10. If you ever want to get girls, sing. It’s works better than the magic of Siegfried & Roy. And that is how she got into a mess that derailed her secular music career, turned her life upside down, and could have very well cost her eternal life. Satan took something as innocent as the gift of music and molded it for his glory. Too spiritually dumb and arrogant to recognize she was being played, the curse eventually caught up to her and almost killed her. Her testimony of deliverance from sexual sin has been viewed by over a million people and will be documented in her new book, My Escape from Sodom, which will be released later in 2017.  She says, ” I was gayest of the gay, drunkest of the drunk, highest of the high – one touch from Jesus Christ can save anyone who desires to be saved. Montreea now travels, speaking & singing across the country while promoting love & unity within the body of Christ.  

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